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August 2015


“Power to Believe (Kenji’s Song)" is released on August 26, 2015 exclusively in Japan.  For sale in all major cd outlets (Tower Records, HMV, DiskUnion, etc.) and on-line.  Also available at


“Written for my close friend, Kenji Matsumoto, who continues to be such an inspiration to not only me, but those around him.  You would never guess that not many years ago, he was fighting for his life.  But with undying strength, belief and will to live, he persevered.  Today, Kenji runs a successful chain of restaurants in Japan and in Hawaii, soon to be LA.  Possible due only to his “Power to Believe”, he continues to touch lives wherever he goes.  Hopefully, this song will touch you….keep believing!”


 May 2015


Putting finishing touches to a new track, “Power to Believe (Kenji’s Song)”. Written for a close friend of mine, Kenji Matsumoto, who’s touching story of bravery, perseverance and belief has made him an inspiration to many.  A CD single is scheduled for release in Japan the end of July 2015.  Called

upon to arrange once again is Raul Ferrando.  On lead and background vocals is the soulful Maurice Bega.  Also included on the single is a brand new holiday tune co-written with Toshi Nakada.  Once more featuring Maurice Bega on the lead.


April 2015


Contributing lyrics for three new songs from Toshi Nakada’s upcoming solo project tentatively titled "You Got Cool!".  All songs featured are composed by Nakada himself with a little help from friends, many AOR artists lending their talent and support.  Co-wrote "Melody", "All The Time", "You'll Always Be The One For Me", and "X-mas Gift"  Stay tuned for more on this exciting project.









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