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Lance Jyo - Composer/Producer

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii March 1964, Jyo spent his childhood years raised in Japan, Korea and Thailand.  A result of his fathers employment with the federal government.  Early on, music played an integral part of everyday life.  It was during these years that Jyo developed a love for westcoast music and respect that would come to shape and hone his songwriting skills.

Early songwriting influences include David Foster, Jay Graydon, Kenny Loggins, Dan Fogelberg and Mackey Feary. Artists that have recorded and/or performed his songs include contemporary/international artists David Pack (Ambrosia), Jay Graydon (Airplay, JaR), Bill Cantos, Michael Ruff, Bruce Gaitsch, Jeff Pescetto, Tetsuji Hayashi, Kazutaka Ishii, , Ramon Stagnaro, and Joerg Alfter.  Local Hawaii artists include Jon Basebase, Toma/Natto, Gail Mack (George Street), Zanuck Kapala Lindsey and Timmy Pajimola (Nightwing).

Jyo’s professional debut was 1992’s The Light Project.  A collection of original music released to raise funds for Hawaii schools ravaged by Hurricane Iniki.  It was through this project that Jyo’s songwriting partnership with songwriter/vocalist Galen Takushi flourished and led to the release of the critically acclaimed At Second Glance CD which featured 8 originals.  A hi-light for the duo was the success of the single “Long Distance Love”, which found it’s way onto Kauai’s 96.9 FM Top 20 for 13 weeks, finally topping the charts at #1 on April 20th. In the years to come, Jyo released 4 solo CD’s.  One locally, Dreaming, went on to win the a Best Pop Vocal Recording Award in the 1997 Hawaii Music Awards.  Two CD’s, Dreamwalking & LA Honolulu Tokyo,  followed from 2002-2004. Both released through AOR Pioneer Label Cool Sound Records Japan. 

Released as a limited paper sleeve edition, was 2009’s LA Honolulu Tokyo Re-visited.  Once again from Cool Sound Records Japan.  Revisited features 4 newly re-tracked/re-mixed songs along with 3 bonus tracks.

Other noteworthy accomplishments include composing Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union’s commercial jingle and penning the CM Image song for Prairie Dog Japan’s Le Patassier Campaign.

The release of Pacific Rendezvous Limited Edition (Import Version) in September 2011 is Jyo’s fifth solo effort.  Until now, only available in Japan, the Import Version double cd is now available through this website, iTunes & CDBaby.  Negotiations are underway for the release of a domestic edition of Pacific Rendezvous, to include new and bonus tracks.  Stay tuned for more exciting Dreamwalking Music news!